Agile Engineering and Integration

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Core Values

Murtech Incorporated is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that supports the military and federal government with expertise in areas such as, life cycle logistics, systems engineering, environmental engineering, and chemical/biological defense.  Our company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services that provide the best value to our customers.  We take pride in our strong relationships with past and current customers.  Our customers' expectations are met with dedicated and trained personnel, equipment, and facilities necessary to execute the effort.  To ensure our success and bond our team so that we are ready for any challenge, we adhere to the following core values:


We demand honesty of our employees in all of our interactions.  Likewise, we expect honesty from our clients.  After all, a relationship built on honesty is certain to stand the tests of time.


Integrity is more than truthfulness and honesty, it is the act of doing the right thing no matter what the outcome.  Demonstrating integrity shows that you have sound moral principals.  Murtech strives to demonstrate this trait in everything we do.  We are a business for profit, but we don't allow that goal to drive every decision we make if it means violating our integrity...even if our customer would likely not know the difference.


Determination and commitment are values that every Murtech employee must demonstrate.  Dedication--to the customer, the project, and the company as a whole--is what fosters a team spirit and gets the mission accomplished regardless of external forces.  It is Murtech's dedication that has allowed us to achieve consistent results and maintain a high standard of excellence in every endeavor. Our dedication to quality is exemplified to achieve Customer satisfaction by using our technical proficiencies to build quality into products and services we deliver, by meeting or exceeding Customer requirements and by continuously improving our Quality Management System.