Agile Engineering and Integration

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Joint Enterprise-Research, Development, Acquisition, and Production/Procurement (JE-RDAP)

Murtech’s agile engineering approach for future RDAP orders is based on previous experience, personnel experience, and research on new technologies. We provide a rapid evaluation of industrial based solutions, thus giving the Government customer quantitative information to assesses risk throughout life of a program, including engineering design phases, and manufacturing phases. Our experience with Advanced Technology Demonstrations (ATDs) will help with cost control for the RDAP task orders, and will help bridge any development gaps that may occur during new technology research, development, and deployment. This skill, coupled with our employees’ warfighter experience, is an added benefit to the RDAP program, helping to transfer equipment and designs from the lab to the field. This approach also applies to the integration of systems, capabilities, and equipment, as technology refreshes occur throughout the life of the program.

Murtech routinely conducts market surveys and attends multiple conference venues (CBRNE, EOD, UAV/UGV, C4I, etc.) to continuously search out any new or emerging technologies that have the potential to support any of the current or future efforts of the JPEO-CBD. Murtech has significant experience with rapid engineering/integration efforts to successfully evolve new or emerging capabilities to the warfighter through a variety of JCIDS pathways: Limited Operational Experiment (LOE), Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD), Advanced Technology Demonstration (ADT) Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement (JUONS) or via a program of record.

We utilize effective and detailed program metrics and employ industry standard techniques that help us to assess productivity, and anticipate the need for surge capacity.