Agile Engineering and Integration

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Quality Assurance Program

“To achieve customer satisfaction by using our technical proficiencies to build quality into products and services we deliver, by meeting or exceeding Customer requirements and by continuously improving our Quality Management System”

Murtech, Inc. focuses on quality assurance throughout every project, by integrating quality management procedures in every area of a program.  Murtech has an ISO 9000 like quality system in place, and has been inspected and verified to meet government requirements.  Murtech's Quality Assurance Program ensures that our plan meets and exceeds mission and performance objectives, and is personalized to each project that we undertake.

Murtech's Quality Assurance Program consists of six major components: (1) constant and focused management attention to quality service and product delivery; (2) employee understanding and commitment to porducing quality products and services; (3) implementation of a traditional qualtiy assurance program; (4) establishing the inspection points for Quality based on industry-wide practices; (5) rewarding line managers and employees for delievering quality services and products; and (6) obtaining customer feedback, which is the most important component of our program.  We believe that these components are complementary, interdependent, and that all are required for a successful Quality Assurance Program.

Through early and proactive Quality Assurance, Murtech takes positive actions to manage and avoid problems and maximize the probability of success.  Our Quality Assurance Plan is part of all Murtech contract performance, and is based on repeatable, measurable success.  We recognize the importance of quality and demonstrate our commitment to quality at all levels of our organization.  Our Quality Objectives include recognition that the ability to adjust the quality overlay to an operational environment is crucial to ensuring success.  Our process has matured over many years, and has proven its effectiveness through various government support functions throughout all contract performances.  We use the lessons learned from each effort to improve our overall process, and ultimately the products we deliver.

At Murtech, Quality Control is a full-time, combined effort, not just the responsibility of one Quality Assurance position.  Our Program Managers and Quality Assurance personnel monitor, verify, and validate processes and products through analysis, review, and evaluation, beginning at the very start of any project.