Agile Engineering and Integration

Murtech Team

The following team members support Murtech's Seaport-e Contract with the identified capabilities and areas of expertise:

 For more information on our Team Member’s capabilities please visit their respective websites or contact them directly by phone.

Charles River Analytics at
by phone @ (617) 491-3474

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT) at
or by phone @ (410) 316-2350.

Engineered Synthetic Products, Inc. (ESP) at or by phone @ (770) 564-1857.

SpecTIR at or by phone @ (775) 329-6660.

Carlson Technology does not have a website so please feel free to call
(248) 476-0013.  

Carlson Technology has supported military leadership in programs such as Joint Portal Shield, THAAD missile program, AEGIS land base system, Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System 2, and other programs within the CBRNE and Military Weapons System arena. Carlson Technology fosters innovative thought process, with the focus to provide operationally relevant and maintainable solutions. The end users for the military and civilian racing community strive to minimize size, weight and optimize power utility. Carlson Technology is team driven and results oriented, bringing “Pit Stop Engineering” mentality to projects.